Willow Products

Introducing our new range of Welsh Willow products made from Willow grown in our plantation at Doldowlod near Rhayader.


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Thermal Earth are suppliers and installers of everything green including Attack Woodburning boilers. When we say green we mean considerably reducing you carbon footprint and giving you greater efficiency and economy for your energy needs within your household.  Over a quarter of all of the UK’s CO2 emissions are from use of energy within the home. Creating a solution to reduce your Home’s energy needs results in a lower Carbon Foot-Print and contributes to lowering the UK’s CO2 emissions on a whole. Our solutions not only help save the environment, but also help save you some money! Click on logo above to view website.

MWMAC Ltd is responsible for carrying out a wide range of practical training & skills assessments in the land-based industries.

FFF is a three year project funded by the Welsh Assembly Government/EU for forestry and related industries in the trees and timber sector.



Woodland Management

Smallwood Services manage woodlands in conjunction with the landowner and the local environment, encouraging growth of native tree species for an eventual quality final crop. We have now expanded operations and manage two estates on a fulltime basis. We specialise in continuous cover management and take on the Forestry Commission grants that are available in order to cover the costs of management and production. Smallwood Services arranges for contractors to take on work, finds markets for the timber and looks to add value where possible.



We also offer a contracting service which includes:
- tree felling, extraction, planting and nurturing
- fencing using softwood posts or oak posts.

We also have tree surgeons available to deal with trees that require off the ground work, and, or removal.

In addition, we have a mobile sawmill which can come to your site and saw timber to your specification.

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Wood Fuel

Firewood: Seasoned, or fresh, hardwood or softwood firewood available split, in the round or in two metre lengths.
The split and round timber is available in 1 cubic metre amounts and any volume can be delivered to your door.
The 2m lengths are also sold in volume and are available from 1 cubic metre upwards.
All timber can be delivered or collected.

Woodchip: Supplying seasoned quality woodchip for all types of woodchip boiler.
Timber available from 1 cubic metre upwards and can be delivered or collected.

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Firewood Store

Smallwood Services are now offering small firewood storage sheds for keeping your firewood dry.
Each shed hold 1 cubic metre of firewood, and is ideal in even the smallest garden, as they only cover 1 square metre of ground.

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Garden Products

Mulch wood chips

Surfacing wood chips

Bridge Construction

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Fencing products

Softwood posts

Softwood Stakes

Oak Posts

Oak Stakes

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Smallwood Services is delighted to now offer timber built sheds and barns. We are able to come to your proposed site to discuss the design to suit your needs. All designs are tested to withstand anything that is thrown at them and are guaranteed to 10 year minimum.

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